Moving a Piano

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Learn How a Professional Mover Will Handle a Piano Moving Project

Whether it’s a grand, baby grand, upright, or electric, any piano should be handled with the utmost care when moved. Failing to do so may lead to a very expensive piano repair. Since most piano prices range between $2000 and $8000, you can only imagine how much an extensive repair may cost. However, money is not the only reason why you should hire a professional piano mover. The risk of severe injury can also be avoided by simply hiring a professional.

Pianos are complex instruments. They contain hundreds of mechanical and electrical pieces that are designed and adjusted with precision. Changing anything in your piano’s internal components may lead to the need of recalibration. Furthermore, pianos are artistically crafted. It would be a pity to scratch them or damage their appearance in any way. But to avoid this, you need to make sure your piano is moved by professional people that use high quality equipment.

Some pianos can be transported without having to be disassembled, others cannot. Sometimes, parts of the piano have to be removed in order to be able to move it safely. Disassembling a piano is definitely not a job for inexperienced people. Even the slightest of mistakes can lead to extensive damage. A professional piano mover has the knowledge and experience to handle such a task without a hitch. Additionally, they offer guarantees for their labor, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

Moving a piano requires professional equipment. Some companies may use the classical method (taking the piano out the front door), others may use cranes and heavy-machinery equipment. How they handle the transportation is really not your concern; however, it makes it pretty clear that you will never be able to do it yourself. Moving a piano is not a DIY job.

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